I went nuts about Bitcoin and the first problem I encountered was, how do I monetize this?

After some time trying different things I came up with an obvious conclusion which was that if I wanted to keep researching, studying and learning about Bitcoin, the best choice I had was to teach. Thankfully a few business schools liked me enough to count on me for some of their classes on related areas, such as macroeconomics with focus on monetary theory, introduction to programming and data science with Python, cybersecurity and of course everything regarding Bitcoin with a 360º view.

I enjoy a lot giving lectures to customers in all related areas. I find the effort of trying to communicate about all these issues extremely motivating, as it really forces me to learn all the ins and outs. I question everything I know to the extreme and it’s a path I have decided to follow in full.

I increasingly provide consulting services for several software and energy companies about what I call “the tsunami”.

With regards to software, I colaborate in large projects with my customer TalentoMOBILE, with which we have very wide experience in projects for the fintech and insurtech industries, utilities and telcos.

Contact me if you believe I could be helpful in any way.