Thanks to Bitcoin, it is already possible.

After conversations with several energy companies, we have decided to launch this service to electricity traders operating in a wide range of geographies.

We understand the weather’s impact on electricity markets very well, both from the supply and demand side.

We help energy traders generate bitcoins in one market at really low (even negative, i.e. getting paid to mine) electricity prices, while we stop our hardware in those geographies where prices are high. This makes our spare electricity available to the grid, both energy traders and us get paid back for it.

Is heat unbearable in Texas pushing people to turn on their air conditioning while it is dark, whereas the sun is shining at its peak in Germany’s 40GW PV installed capacity?

No worries, we’ll mine like there is no tomorrow in Germany but will stop/slow down our mining in Texas, thus making that spare electricity in Texas available for its grid.

Take advantage of the different weather patterns worldwide to trade electricity, contribute to grid stability and stable prices per MWh.

All thanks to the most universal, most sound form of money ever invented.