You have done quite a big effort investing in a wind, pv or hydro generation plant but all of a sudden you start seeing a scary trend, which is the fact that PV technology is getting better so fast, that we are witnessing already a slow decline in wholesale daily electricity prices.

But make no mistake. This is only going to get worse as efficiency improves and new entrants push profitability downwards for incumbents.

Incumbents will need alternative revenues to keep their investments profitable.

Thankfully there is such an alternative. It’s Bitcoin mining.

Thanks to our agreement with an energy wholesale player in Spain, we can turn your energy into bitcoins and giving you a profitability that is way higher than the one given by the electricity markets.

When your panels don’t generate electricity during the night, we can offer you a price of €0,0629/kWh, equivalent to buying a regular amount of bitcoins each month.

In our analysis, the historical profitability of mining has been huge thanks to the spectacular appreciation of Bitcoin.

The average returns per kWh for mining since the year 2011, if you sell 10% of your btc immediately and the remaining 90%:

  • 1 month after generating them: €0,06/kWh
  • 3 months after generating them: €0,12/kWh
  • 6 months after generating them: €1,7/kWh
  • 12 months after generating them: €0,9/kWh
  • 24 months after generating them: €1,25/kWh
  • 36 months after generating them: €4,82/kWh

I have written extensively to explain why Bitcoin will keep appreciating.

Now it’s your turn to take a decision. Contact me for more info if you want to take advantage of sunny Spain!