Since I read The Sovereign Individual, I’ve been concerned about the changes that I’m confident the world is going to go through in the near future and, almost unconsciously, I’ve been preparing for that world.

I dedicate a lot of time to study Bitcoin, understanding as much of it as I can with a particular focus on what I call the convergence of its mining with the energy markets. Both areas allow me at the same time focus and the ability to read and study a wide variety of topics I’m very interested in, that I believe will get you more prepared for the world that’s coming, such as cybersecurity, software, energy transitions, monetary theory, economics…

This interest forces me to keep searching for the best courses online, get them done and this also motivates me to share what I learn and ideas that I come up with here in my site and in my twitter and linkedin accounts.

I also advise some energy generation, transportation and trading Companies on how to minimize their energy waste using Bitcoin mining, both in the electricity and gas markets, typically as a result of:

  • Overcapacity of their generation infrastructure
  • Close-to-zero or even negative prices due to excess wind, solar generation
  • Saturation of transportation networks
  • Excessive cost of transportation or storage of several energy sources

I also colaborate with energy generators to turn their installations into bitcoin generation facilities

I also teach economics, cybersecurity and software in several Business Schools and I’m also preparing several online courses. In my to-do list there is also “writing a book”, but I get the feeling it’s going to take me some time.

I program in python and I’m getting deeper into Django too. I mainly use programming for the financial models I have developed to simulate mining operations.

For large software projects I work with the software development boutique Talento Mobile with lots of experience and +70 employees.

I enjoy teaching, communicating and giving lectures and you are very welcome to the platform where I centralize it all